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Bringing you bird's-eye view parking

Vert provides real-time, birds eye view parking guidance for drivers and analytics for operators - powered by our fleet of high performance, low cost, plug-and-play AI cameras. 

Parking made easy.

A new generation of  parking technology.

Playing our part

for a sustainable future.

Vert parking lots have the ability to dramatically reduce current lot CO2 emissions by as much as 20%. Try our risk free pilot and join us in playing our part for a sustainable future.

Even a small area of parking congestion can lead to a large impact on the environment. In 1 year, a 15 block district creates roughly 950,000 excess vehicle miles resulting from circling for parking - this is equivalent to 38 trips around the earth, or four trips to the moon. Cruising those 950,000 miles wastes 47,000 gallons of gas and produces 730 tons of the greenhouse gas CO2. [1]

We map your lot and give you an estimate

We offer a free estimate and design consultation to figure out the best sensor fleet configuration for your parking needs. You can be confident in our all-inclusive, no hidden fee arrangement.


Navigate directly to an available parking spot

Our parking lot occupancy info is accurate up to the latest second. Get to where you need to go instantly without the hassle of circling for parking.

Understand your traffic with advanced analytics

Use the Vert real-time analytics dashboard to monitor occupancy, utilization, turnover rates, and predictive statistics - all within seconds up-to-date. 

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The Vert AI-powered camera.

Vert enhances your parking lot with real-time birds-eye-view parking guidance. View total occupancy and find an available space, all through our mobile iOS and Android app.

Onboard AI compute

Vehicle detection is performed at the camera to optimize detection speeds and maintain your patrons' privacy. Sensitive image data never leaves the camera.

IP 67 rated, vandal resistant

IP67 Weatherproof housing protects against most weather effects, while IK10 Vandal Resistant Housing is able to withstand sudden high-impact.

Infrared night vision

IR LED clusters allow the camera to see up to 98ft in the dark. This ensures that the cameras will work through all hours of the day and night in any lighting condition. 

Indoor and outdoor

1 model fits all. The Vert camera can mount indoor as well as outdoor. No need for trenching or major retrofit projects. Our cameras can be installed in under a day with no interruptions to your business.

State-of-the-art technology at unprecedented costs

Vert develops deep multi-task neural networks which are optimized to run on low-powered cameras at the edge. Powerful cameras equals more spaces covered at less overhead costs. This capability was only recently made possible with the advent of edge Graphics Processing Units (GPUs). Vert now brings these cost saving technologies to a wider audience.

The Vert AI-powered camera

Real-time birds-eye-view guidance and analytics is made possible with Vert's breakthrough advancements in the IoT, AI, and computer vision fields. The Vert camera is only the size of your hand but is capable of so much more.

Up to 2000% costs saved vs traditional sensors 

A Vert parking guidance camera can monitor up to 50 car spaces. In comparison, standard magnetic and hypersonic sensors are needed for every parking space. For a lot size of 1500 spaces, Vert only needs 30 cameras versus 1500 magnetic sensors.

Dramatically reduced infrastructure

Vert cameras come plug and play ready and can be pole or ceiling mounted indoor and outdoor. No expensive and destructive trenching needed. Our dedicated team of professional electricians can upgrade your lot in under a day with no interruption to your business.

How it works

We are vertically integrated, handling all of your design, hardware installation, and application needs so you don't have to.

A simple easy-to-use real-time parking guidance app

Vert enhances your parking lot with real-time birds-eye-view parking guidance. View total occupancy and find an available space, all through our mobile iOS and Android app.

1 camera for up to 50 parking spaces

Our local certified electrician partners will arrive onsite to install the Vert AIoT sensors. Installation is non-invasive and will not disrupt normal business hours. Our cameras can install on any light pole or wall surface.


Enhance your analytics and provide real-time guidance for your drivers

Our platform comes complete with iOS and Android native guidance apps for drivers and a browser-based analytics application for your real-time operational needs.


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